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I’ve been reviewing, writing, talking, cooking and everything else related to food for nearly two decades now, so a website seemed the perfect next step for me to cement my love. My love of discovering new places to eat, experimenting with recipes and exploring all aspects of the food world, but most of all sharing this with anyone I can.

Having moved to Bahrain in 2011, I have written extensively about the F+B scene since then. I’m the restaurant writer for the Streetsmart Bahrain Guidebook, occasional guest contributor for Bahrain Confidential Magazine, as well as working for numerous brands on their PR, Marketing & Social Media strategies. For more on that check out my business, Wunder.

Thank you to all the lovely followers I have, the friends who support me, the hospitality industry who are so gracious (especially after the tough few years we have had during the pandemic) and the individuals I love to work with who make my work truly joyous.
Fifi x

Food Photographers

Summer Ameen
Abdullah Minhas
Thanooj Thampy

Food Videographers

Roy Cardazo
Thanooj Thampy

Branding, Design & Web

Yasmin from Wunder (who created my amazing logo)
Stasha from Digital Arts
Louise & Francois from Graffiti 
Rodrigo Sierra (who made this website)

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