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I’ve grown up between cultures, countries, and cuisines. My passion for food started at 18 when suddenly as a clueless student I had to fend and feed for myself, all while exploring my various heritages and homes through food.

Since then, food has become my passion. I write about food on my socials, this website and substack, have penned for magazines, contributed to guidebooks, been a restaurant awards judge numerous times, developed food & restaurants brands, created marketing strategies for clients, styled food and drink shoots, tested recipes, and love to hunt down great eats.

And now…
I invite you to join me each week as I explore the food scenes in the US, UK & Bahrain; sometimes with a Persian twist,  much of the time from my far flung travels. From the newest openings to teeny hole-in-the wall spots. I test out unique & speedy recipes, dive into cocktails, infuse drinks , dsicuss trends and much more.

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Thank you to all the lovely followers I have, the friends who support me, the hospitality industry who are so gracious (especially after the tough few years we have had during the pandemic) and the individuals I love to work with who make my work truly joyous.

Fifi x

Food Photographers

Summer Ameen
Abdullah Minhas
Thanooj Thampy

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Roy Cardazo
Thanooj Thampy

Branding, Design & Web

Yasmin from Wunder (who created my amazing logo)
Stasha from Digital Arts
Louise & Francois from Graffiti 
Rodrigo Sierra (who made this website)

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