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A thought will cross your mind when you're eating Chef Tala's food for the first time.
For some it will occur between the first and second course, and for the slower ones of you after the main.

What I hope you’ll realise is that we are lucky enough to be part of Tala's culinary journey. Here, amongst the dated decor of the Gulf Hotel, your mind will start wondering about what she will achieve in her lifetime and having tasted her food... it will be tremendous!

Tala will most probably do for more for contemporary Bahraini cuisine then any other chef has done (or will do). Whether she becomes a chef/restaurateur, is poached by the bright lights of foreign cities or brings home a coveted Michelin; whatever this young bright talent puts her mind to, she will surely achieve.

Chef Tala Bashmi has been making waves since opening her restaurant, Fusions, on the rooftop of the Gulf Hotel back in 2019.

Swiss trained with a Bahraini heritage and a creative force and dedication to her work that shines bright in this young star. I have been following her career closely, from her early days baking at food stalls in Adliya to her winning the Best Female Chef in the MENA this year. Tala's talents know no bounds. Each meal is a creative tour de force that moves you from flavour to flavour, dish to dish. 

Must try dishes:

  • Ghoozi Tacos
  • Otoro (Seasonal, Off-Menu)
  • Crab Donut (Seasonal)
  • Leek Ravioli
  • Tikka Steak
  • Bahraini Caesar Salad
  • Lamb Parcels
  • Seabass

This is a must-visit restaurant in Bahrain, that should be top of your bucket list.

Note: Fusions is now open on Saturdays for lunch. Enjoy stunning views over Bahrain during the day when you visit.

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