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Bahrain’s Top Sandwiches


I take my lunch time sandwich very seriously. As a Brit, we enjoy sandwiches at pretty much any occasion. From a picnic in the park (with a Pret or M&S sandwich), al desko while at work, as a student it was a staple and of course as a hangover requirement it is essential.

Chicken & Avocado Sandwich, Oak

I’ve struggled to find a full range of sandwiches in Bahrain and know that the popular options are ’shawarma’ style sandwiches which of course I do love. However, on occasion, my English roots do call, and I crave a proper sandwich.

Some that I enjoy (dine in or delivery) are:

  • The Chicken & Avocado Sandwich at Oak, which I have written about plenty of times on my Instagram. Plus, their new Egg Club is excellent too.
  • The Steak Sandwich at the Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Lounge (their Club Sandwich is also might fine). The benefit of eating here is you get to order a beer to go with it!
  • The Club Sandwich at Angelina is taken very seriously, there are three types to choose from on their menu.
  • Cantine’s Spicy Turkey Avocado Sandwich and their Egg White Spinach & Feta Wrap are all winners
  • For a vegan options I did enjoy the Avocado Mushroom Steak Sandwich from Mana Cafe
  • Lastly, the Steak Sandwich from Sasso Cafe was outstanding (though I don't know if they still offer it)

Now tell me, where do you get your favourite sandwiches from in Bahrain?

If you're looking for some great burgers, check out some of my regulars here.

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