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Cheap Eats: Eastside


Want to dine out for under a fiver?

Here are some of my favourite spots on the Eastside of our island

Munich Shawarma, Hidd

Inspired by a Turkish shawarma shop in Germany, Munich shawarma has doners that are bang for your buck. Large pitta breads are filled with toppings. On my visit my chicken shawarma had aubergine, grilled veggies, onion, parsley and garlic salad all packed in.


Munich Shawarma

Al Wahaj Cafeteria, Galali

We tried the 'chicken malgoom, hot sauce, extra tahini'. For 500 fils a shawarma you won’t regret ordering 2-3 per person.

Packed with tahini goodness, a few fries and juicy chicken. If you’re in the area, this is a bite not to miss.


Abu Falafel, Muharraq

Some days you want a bougie eggs benny with lashings of hollandaise and layers of smoked salmon, then other days you want a hearty Egyptian "Foul" (fava bean) sandwich prepared from an ancient pot, costing only a few hundred fils. For the latter, head to this Egyptian hole in the wall for fresh sandwiches, tameya (falafel) and whatever else why might have in their display counter.

Try:  Foul Sandwich, tameya (as a sandwich or on their own), marinated aubergine, fresh bread (take extra to freeze at home). You will be looking at around 1.5-2 BD for all of this.


Tren Tren, Arad

Named after the infamous Pink Panther theme tune, tren tren (or so local lore tells us), this place is a stalwart in the street food world. Located in Hidd, but with a few other locations also opened in Samaheej and Riffa, this is the place to order your lamb chops. Flavour packed, grilled to perfection, and wrapped up in khobz bread. You will get 4 pieces for 4 bd. Either eat it in your car in front of their shop when hunger just can’t wait, or order in/take it home for a slap-up bargain meal.


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