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Cheap Eats: Manama


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In Manama and getting peckish? Then here are some great hole in the wall spots to head to. Don’t expect fancy, just good food and good prices.

Falafel Gaza

I’ve written about this Manama spot a few times since it opened as their falafels are outrageously good (as one would hope with a name like that!). Grab a seat or park up and have them deliver your bag of goodies to the car.

Read more about what to order here.


Come to this Bahraini favourite (it turns out many used to enjoy this in their childhood) for delicious 200 fils sandwiches. Freshly made fillings, crunchy vegetables, perfect size pouch of bread…all wrapped up for car munching or enjoying at home. You can't really go wrong with a classic it seems. ⁣Try the aubergine (eggplant) sandwich and the tameya. I had initially stopped by for their shrimp sandwich which I heard is great, but sadly they didn't seem to have it on my visit.

Location: Google Maps

Thamiya World

Visit Thamiya World for a hearty 300 fils breakfast! Drive up, give your order to the helpful guys, wait a few minutes and then be on your way. I chose the thamiya with aubergine and chips (got to eat my 5 a day, right!) So so good. Best 300 fils I could spend.

Location: Google Maps

Maneesh Jibran

The outside of Manaeesh Jibran catches my attention every time I drive past it. Nestled in the rickety streets of Ras Ruman, you can't help but notice the fresh blue paint, greenery and wood paneling. Pop inside to place your order and then waited in your car until they bring it to you (on busy days it can take 15 mins). Very well priced, piping hot manaeesh and all the delicious accoutrements to try out.

Location: Google Maps

Al Bairouty

I really do love being able to eat a great meal for a few beeds…it makes the whole experience taste even sweeter! 

Al Bairoty, a tiny Manama hole in the wall, serves up falafels, chickpea hummus and excellent sandwiches (think foul, falafel and more) each day. Try the Mosabaha with Falafels, an old fashioned chickpea hummus dish. Top it with some of the accompanying chillies for a flavour bomb.

Can’t make it to to pick up from them, they deliver too. 

Location: Google Maps

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