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Is anyone else feel the pressure of the pandemic and this damn virus closing in on us? Then there's the added pressure of new year expectations we place on ourselves, add in the Siberian weather conditions we have right now and the dust storms that seeps into every crevice of your home. Well… I say…

Take a BREAK! Stop. Go out. Enjoy a good meal. Have a drink. See friends. Laugh. Love. Listen to music. Dance… oh and make a booking for this weekend please. Donde?

To Circa…the newest pop up restaurant in Adliya, with a curated menu of South American dishes.

It’s outdoors by their gorgeous pool so wrap up, but once that first Pisco hits the back of your throat, the DJ starts playing their tunes and the first bite of guac goes down. You’ll be grateful for listening to me 😁

Let me list the delights we tried:

  • Smoked Guacamole served with crispy plantains; yes yes yes.
  • Peruvian Ceviche; with sea bream, sweet potato, crispy plantains and tiger milk dressing. A must-try.
  • Yellowfin Tuna Tiradito: a tuna carpaccio served with wafers thin courgette and a black garlicc tiger milk dressing. Again a must-try dish.
  • Corn Salad; a dish with three types of corn including a charcoal version and popcorn! I will come back for this alone #SoBueno
  • Crispy Taquitos: bbq lentil mini tacos. A solid vegetarian option.
  • Gilled Octopus: prepared in the S American way with a Chimichurri dressing. If you like octopus, then this is a hearty offering.
  • Lomo Saltado: A Peruvian classic of fried beef tenderloin with chili, coriander, and ginger. Again a winner.

For sides we chomped on the excellent Creamed Corn and Grilled Asparagus.
To end our meal we tried the intricately made chocolate cigar and corn churros. Creative offerings from the Circa team, bravo!

UPDATE: June 2022, Circa have now moved their restaurant indoors so that you can dine their throughout the summer!

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International, South American
The Palace Hotel, Adliya

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