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Some days you want a bougie eggs benny with lashings of hollandaise and layers of smoked salmon, then other days you want a hearty Egyptian "Foul" (fava bean) sandwich prepared from an ancient pot, costing only a few hundred fils. When those latter days hit…then you will want to head to Abu Falafel in Muharraq.

After a recommendation from a neighbourhood Egyptian grocery store, we headed over for some take-out breakfast.

Walking up the narrow stairs, into the small store we gawped at the display items happily pointing at all the items to be packaged for us to try at home. While we were ogling over the variety of aubergine dishes, pickled vegetables and fresh tameya (falafel), our star dish the Foul Sandwich was being prepared. 

A huge metal pot is firmly ensconced into the table where fava beans, lemon juice and a mix of spices are all mashed together. Here they are ladled into freshly baked Egyptian breads, pillowy but with a grainy texture that give them a Moorish flavour and feel. More lemon juice is squeezed over the mixture, before being sealed up and passed over the counter for you to enjoy at home (or in the car if you the hunger pangs are just too strong!). 

Must order:

  • Foul Sandwich
  • Tameya (Egptian falafel), as a sandwich or on their own
  • Aubergine/Eggplnat (get them to put them in the plastic pots for you)
  • A handful of fresh bread to enjoy at home (they freeze well too)

Price of the above: 1.5 BD

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