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Five Must-Try Persian Dishes


Those who have tried Persian cuisine, pay homage to the altar of this refined and ancient cuisine (yes, I’m a little biased!). However, for those who haven’t tried it or may only know a dish or two, then this list is for you.

To summarize Persian food:

It is sophisticated but not complicated

It is wholesome without being virtuous

It is ancient and it is restorative.

Most Iranian restaurants have limited menus and ‘khoresh’ (stews), however here are 5 must-try Persian dishes – if you can find somewhere that makes them or want to give them a try at home, they are a must.

1 Khoresh Karafs

This herbaceous celery and meat stew is a heady combination of flavours, cooked until the celery has just a bit of a bite. make it at home or watch out for Banu offering it as a special. I would even send them a DM to see if they can make it on special order for you. It is truly outstanding.

2 Khoresh Gheymeh

The simplest of ingredients; rice and lentils, combined in a based sauce with beef and then topped with string potatoes.  Wholesome, down to earth, and executed exceptionally by Homa.

3 Khoresh Mast

A famous Esfahani dish normally prepared as a dessert; however, when prepared as a savoury version this yoghurt, chicken and saffron stew is comforting and for those of us who love Greek yoghurt a perfect dish to enjoy with a bowl of steaming basmati rice. 

4 Zereshk Polo ba Morgh

Juicy saffron marinated chicken, pillowy basmati rice and sour barberries. I haven’t found a go to spot for this yet here, have you?

5 Khoresh Fesenjan

This is a sophisticated combination of walnuts and pomegranate molasses blended to create a rich and heavy stew. A Northern Iranian dish, traditionally made with duck, it is now mainly made with chicken. Try Najmieh Batmangalij's recipe here, it isn't as difficult as it sounds!


Do you have any Persian dishes you think are a must-try?

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