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In Bahrain? Heading home for the holidays? Looking for foodie gifts to take as souvenirs. Here are some failsafe gifts that will be a delight, even for the fussiest of eaters.

For the sweet toothed friend: Baklawa

You really can’t go wrong with Baklawa as a gift. Layers of filo pastry and filled with chopped nuts, sweet syrup and rolled then baked till golden.

I like to order a 250g box of mix baklawa, which included their chocolate dipped variety too, to take for gifts.  If you’re in store ask them to wrap it extra tight as you are flying and the team will happily oblige. 

PS they have around 10 locations in Bahrain, so you can pop in and always ask for a sample to try before choosing your favourite.


Instagram: @tariqpastriesbahrain

An underappreciated classic: Dates

Dates aren’t given the space they deserve outside of the region, these small bites of sweet treats are a great snack to hold off on hunger pangs, perfect for an alternative to chocolates and candies, as well as versatile to enjoy in a variety of dishes.

Bateel: with a few stores in Bahrain and a number globally, this bougie date brand is the global gold star

Date Up: support local and shop from this popular date boutique

Spices from the East: Mabooch

Ok so not ‘spices’ but the spiciest chilli dip that you can imagine! A blend of hot peppers, spices, and seasoning, Mabooch is perfect as a dip, added in dishes or as a condiment for dishes.  If you enjoy adding heat to your meals, then Villa Mama’s Mabooch is a must-buy.

Choose either the red or green from Villa Mama’s.

Shop at her store in Saar or online:

Sip on this: Karak Tea (Chai)

Local karak tea is hard to resist, so taking a bunch of sachets home for gifts is a great introduction to this classic. Choose the cardamon infused versions, add hot water and in minutes your friends can sip on a drink that is enjoyed the region over.

This brand from Alosra is a good option:

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  1. Love the selection of foodie gifts to take home to family and friends while traveling. I might just try the karak next time. 😍

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