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Living la vida loca! Brunch at Cantina Kahlo


Well, we’re in the green level, covid is ‘going away’, the F1 is coming to Bahrain, Eric is weeks away from belting out Leila …can you feel our collective mood finally shrugging away the stresses of the last few years?

And with good mood, comes good food.

I only do a few brunches a year, but when I do them, I enjoy every minute. The pre prep (eating a little in the morning, but going hungry), seeing friends and friends of friends and random strangers (future friends?) all enjoying a good time, the free flow of alcohol, the array of dishes and the general revelry that comes with the occasion.

I recently tried out Cantina Kahlo’s brunch. I hadn’t been since pre-pandemic when it was a buffet.

Actually - let’s take a pause…can someone answer me on this please… WHEN ARE THE BUFFETS RETURNING TO BAHRAIN?

Ok back to our previous convo, Cantina Kahlo’s brunch is now served to your table. A huge menu is placed on your table and the team being out course after course, rather than the selective style of a buffet brunch.

On our trip it was packed, both indoors and outdoors (ps get there early to bag an outdoor table), the mariachi band were in full swing, the margheritas were arriving pitcher by pitcher (que bonita) and the food is plentiful.  Food highlights were ofc the guac and salsa, the two types of ceviche and the surf and turf platters.  If you’re after tacos, I think going for a regular meal at Cantina would be better or waiting for the buffet to come back, as you’ll get piping hot, freshly made ones to your liking.  The ones brought to our table felt like they had seen better days (and trust me, I’m a huge fan of Cantina’s tacos).

We have a good 6 weeks until Ramadan, book a brunch. Book two, go have fun, be merry, and live la vida loca!

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