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My favourite restaurant of 2021


Gunaydin, part of a well-known chain of restaurants from Istanbul, serves meat in all its glory.

As you enter the dining room, high ceilings, large windows, a bricked traditional bread oven and meat counters greet you. It's a beautifully designed room packed with custom fixtures, including lighting, seating and more that welcomes you to sit and enjoy this outstanding meal.

I haven’t been able to stop talking, visiting, eating, and ogling every dish they offer since it opened its doors last year.

This place is good for date nights, group meals, visitors in town, dining with the kiddos or even for ordering on Talabat. They have a set Turkish breakfast on weekends which is a feast to enjoy, as well as making some of the most deliciously lavish breads on the island.

Here are some of my favourite dishes:

  • Atom: a lip smackingly good garlic & aubergine infused yoghurt with a butter sauce and sun-dried chili
  • Turkish hummus: I think this might be my new favourite kind! ⁣
  • Lahmacun; an outstanding wafter thin Turkish style flat bread with ground seasoned lamb
  • Pide: A Turkish ‘pizza’ that does not disappoint. Flaky, crispy dough is shaped in an oval and filled with a range of delicious toppings. Try the sujuk (Turkish sausage) on your visit.
  • Both the Gunaydin Lokum and the Entrecote: some of the best meat dishes I have ever had.  Flecked with sea salt, they cut like butter, and melt in your mouth...highly recommended. 
  • 1 meter Adana Kebab: floored with how good this was and the way we ate it...split open, charred pepper and onion salad inside, wrapped in thin homemade bread, an absolute kebab game-changer. 
  • Katmer: make room for this outstanding dessert. A thin phyllo 'crepe' is stuffed with ground pistachio and a clotted style Turkish ice cream from Antep, to create a decadently delicious bite. 
  • Baklawa: perfect for the sweet toothed diner when paired with their Turkish tea

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