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Susy Massetti’s popular Hamala spot has launched their new menu today and I got to try it out for you.

I was lucky enough to review it before it opened in May here and if you haven’t been yet, expect excellent breakfast dishes, homemade pastries and a refreshing interior. The same menu is served all day, with a heavy emphasis on farm fresh eggs.

I hear the weekend crowds are still hectic here, especially with their no booking policy. So try and go in the week if possible and in smaller groups (2 people is ideal).

What did Fifi try?

Simit bread, herbed labneh, poached eggs, shallots & chilli, spicy zough. Did I gasp on first bite. Yes. It’s that good.

Garlic brioche, poached eggs, paprika hollandaise, sauteed mushrooms & spinach. I didn’t know I needed garlic brioche in my life, until I tried this oustanding dish.

Chopped salad, toasted pistachios, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, chickpeas, fresh herbs & marinated anari cheese, lemon dressing. Once again I’m reminded that the simplest of dishes are really the best. I wish more people took heed to this.

Piadina, Italian flat bread stuffed with turkey, Swiss cheese, sauteed spinach & cherry tomatoes. A great option for someone looking to reduce their heavy bread intake, however I would love to try it with a smoked salmon filling instead.

I hope you manage to get over to N’ovo to try these new dishes and wander around Liwan. Make sure to pop by the Portuguese Deli that is a few steps away too. Details are here.

Read about my first visit to N'ovo here (back when it just opened in May 2022)

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