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Next time your kids drive you nuts with the Baby Shark song…take them to this traditional Muharraqi spot to eat some! Muahaha!

Over the long weekend, I stopped by this gorgeous, old house for a bite to eat and was charmed by every nook and cranny. The courtyard style home is nestled in the back streets of Muharraq and has a lovely rooftop for dining on in cooler weather. Standing at the top you get views of the surrounding neighbourhood and all its traditional enchantments.

Downstairs a small dining room awaits where you are served your meal. Shelves hold ornaments and antiques for you to gape at while waiting.

Head here in the morning for traditional Bahraini breakfast, lunch time visitors are served a range of local rice dishes and if you’re like us and go for dinner then options include calamari, prawns (robayan), and my new favourite dish… BABY SHARK! (naoud)

Diced up and served with raw onion and fresh bread, I was lapping it up with joy. A hearty but not gamey flavour, with a soft tuna like texture, this local dish has “recently come back into fashion” according to a friend.  Well, boy I’m glad about that, as that will certainly not be the last time I eat baby shark.

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