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Pearl Diving in Bahrain


When people tell me there isn't much to do in Bahrain I just have to DISAGREE. There is SO much to do on our little island…you just need to look for it!

Our Oyster Haul

One activity that is a must do is Pearl Diving. Don't scuba? Fret not! This can be done with a snorkel. Or if you're like me, I ended up just kicking off all the gear and preferring to dive down with my trusty goggles. The water is about 6-7ft high. 

The team at Experience Bahrain are wonderful and welcome you aboard the boat, based near their Sitra office. You head out for about 10-15 minutes (ps we saw dolphins too!) then spend an hour or so looking for oysters. Everyone is given snorkels, flippers, gloves and a net bag for collecting and given instructions on what to look for size-wise. 

Once your bag is loaded up you head back to shore to shuck the oysters and here the treasure hunt begins! The happiness and cheer when someone in the group shouts 'found one' is contagious and as close as a gambling high as you might get here. #novegasnoproblem

My favourite part…you get to keep whatever you find! Happy hunting! 

Contact Experience Bahrain here

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