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Seef Welcomes a New Greek Cafe


If Greek food isn’t having a moment, then I don’t know what is!

You can bite into a Moussaka, shop some olive oil, and then take home some Greek cheeses in nearly every crook and cranny of the island nowadays. How lucky are we!

We have Agora’s growing empire, Solymar stepping up their food game and of course the lovely Manos with their taverna style vibe over at the Rugby Club.

And now for us residents in town, we’ve got Greek Street Cafe. Nestled under the new extension of The Courtyard (near Nomad), you can drive up and run in to grab a coffee and pastry OR stop and enjoy your meal there. Indoor and outdoor dining, plus a range of dishes; from salads, to gyros, ice creams and a little hot food buffet plus some products for sale.

I popped by for a looksie and couldn’t resist trying their spanakopita, a filo wrapped spinach and cheese pie slice. It was perfect for munching away in the car while I continued with my busy day.

I will be back to try their souvlaki gyros, fresh salads, taramasalata and the kourabiedes (my fave cookies!).

PS. I hear they allow dogs in their outdoor area…great news.

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