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With my bouji flair and love for all things fabulous, I regularly get asked about special occasion dining. Where to go for birthdays? anniversaries? celebrations?

My requirements always include alcohol, so all the below do have a licence. Fret not!

L'Orto: Adliya's elegant Italian restaurant opened by acclaimed Chef Susy Massetti. Come here in cooler weather and sit in their garden, under the shade of the pretty olive trees.

Ideal for: a date where you need to impress, taking the parents out on their anniversary, breaking up with a bang

La Fontaine: I truly believe this is the most romantic restaurant in Bahrain. Aim to visit in the cooler months as the charm is really with sitting by the fountain and under the night skies. Read here for more details.

Ideal for: a secret rendezvous, impressing friends from out of town, a birthday dinner, romantic dates and even proposals

La Fontaine
La Fontaine

Fusions; This sky high restaurant with phenomenal food is a place that will impress even the toughest of diners. Find out why you must visit, here.

Ideal for: goodbye dinners for people leaving the island, foodie visitors in town, the perfect date spot for foodies, spotting Formula One teams when they are in town

My Cafe; The Adliya location for this restaurant has excellent food and a beautiful interior. My favourite spots to sit are in their bijous garden if the weather permits or the more intimate upstairs setting.

Ideal for: birthdays celebrations, hiring the private room upstairs, divorce parties with your besties (before throwing some dance moves at Iris next door!)

Ô Liban; Looking for a private room for a small birthday, team meeting or more? Then the two private spaces (with adjoining balconies) at this Adliya Lebanese spot are perfect.

Ideal for: birthday gatherings, team/office meetings, taking out work colleagues from out of town, sweet talking potential investors for your new business venture

The food at Ô Liban

Where do you go for special occasion dining? Let me know!

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