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Like any foodie, I love heading out to specialist delis and store to see what gems I can find. Here is a handy list of where I like to shop in Bahrain.


A Persian store filled with Iranian nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices and more. They have recently started selling fresh Babari bread; a puffy sesame flecked flat bread, as well as Noon Khamei, Persian Cream Puffs. Head early in the day for the latter though as they sell out fast.

Essential to pick up: rose petals, pomegranate syrups, pistachio, saffron



Opened at the start of the pandemic, Sugo is Bahrain’s only spot for fresh pasta and sauces. Head to this location for a range of pasta shapes, ready to bake dishes and deli items. If you’re lucky you will get to meet Nicola, the friendly and helpful owner.

Essential to pick up: fresh pasta, garlic confit, flavour butter, pasta sauces



Get me to the Greek!  With two outposts in Bahrain right now, Agora is the place to head to for all your Hellenic goodies. Popular, for good reason, you can do a spot of shopping, have a bite, or just enjoy a coffee, all under one roof. From olives, to honey, and freshly made Greek pastries, don’t say we didn’t warn you about all the delicious items in stock.

Essential to pick up: Olive oils, tarama, pastries (anything with spinach is a must!), cheese

Location – Riffa:

Location – Arad:


A Lebanese deli in the heart of Moda Mall. You will want to come here for some shopping and stay for a bite of lunch. We love browsing the aisles for pantry items, specialist teas, condiments and more. Try their Maneesh or a Wrap for lunch.

Essential to pick up: Browse the fridges and counters for mezze items and olives, before picking up breads, jams, huge bags of Za’atar and other Lebanese and Turkish products.

Moda Mall:


Sage & Sirloin 

A specialist butcher and deli in Hamala, if you’re looking for cuts of meat, burger patties and the like then head here to stock up.  If you’re hosting a part or gathering, ask to see their catering menu as well.

Why not combine your trip with a bite to eat and order one of their burgers to enjoy before heading home.

Essential to pick up: Though on the pricier side, we can’t resist the excellent burger patties at Sage. Need the bun and trimmings, just let them know.


Sage Kitchen

Part of the Sage & Sirloin group, this Riffa outlet is great for shopping butchery items, imported pantry items and a bite to eat. 

Don’t forget to see what sweet treat is on display for the day, you will want to order that to enjoy with their imported coffee while you sit and watch the world go by

Essential to pick up: Fifi is obsessed with their home cured smoked salmon (perfect for adding to breakfast dishes and sandwiches at home), while also finding it hard to resist ordering whatever truffle products they have in store.


Ard Al Zaffron

Another outpost for Persian products, as the name says this place has plenty of Saffron to choose from. Apart from spices you will want to shop a large range of dried fruits and nuts, Persian sweets like Sohan (A saffron flecked brittle toffee), Gaz (aka nougat) and more.

The staff are friendly and let you try a nibble of various things as well.

Essential to pick up: Shop bags of pre-fried onions to keep at home and add to pretty much any dish, then head to their freezers and shop frozen chopped herbs and delicious Persian ice creams. Sampling in the car ride home is pretty much essential after a trip here!

A number of locations in Bahrain.



Head here for a large range of Asian products, with shelves packed with plenty of Japanese and Korean goodies amongst others.

You will want to stock on frozen and fresh goods, seasonings, staples and much more.

On our most recent trip we picked up Korean rice cakes, ice cream, tubs of roe, kimchi, fried tofu, seaweed snacks and kewpie mayonnaise.


Central Market:

Diplomatic Area:

Hanaro, Central Market, Bahrain

Thai Supermarkets


Cooking up an Asian feast? Then head to Rachanee for fresh herbs and veggies, imported Thai products, snacks and more.


Thailand Gate Market

You’ll find shelves and shelves of Thai snacks, particularly crisps and dried fish sticks, fruits, veggies and more.


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