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Standout Bites of 2022


A look back on the year and some of my favourite dishes:

At the top of my list are the Lamb Chops from Bu Yaqoob. I was caught off guard when trying these spectacular spiced and generous lamb chops. Carnivores, you're missing out. Run there now!

I've always wanted to try Canada's famous Poutine dish (potatoes, cheese, gravy...what's not to love). When Oak added them to their new menu earlier this year, they are everything I had hoped them to be. And more.

My favourite restaurant of the year in 2021, Gunaydin, keeps blowing it out of the park. This year I fell in love with the heady combination of Yoghurt and Kebab served together. Go and order the Alinazik Kebab when here and see what I mean.

Another Turkish dish added to my list, but this time it is the Turkish Eggs from Angelina. Poached eggs, with labneh and spiced butter. When that yolk hits the creamy labneh, you'll see what I mean.

If you're inclined to order Foie Gras on a menu, then this dish is for you. The Foie Gras Nigiri from Clay is the kind of elevated flavours and grown up dish that is not for the faint hearted. Savour. Every. Moment.

(UK) A sleeper hit, The wood roasted half Cornish Red chicken with spicy nduja, tomatoes, parma ham and served on a chunk of sourdough from Gold on Portobello Road speaks to my soul.

(Italy) Sitting in a food market in Milan this summer, sipping on some chilled white wine and slurping dreamy Sardinian oysters.

The large, plump Black Tiger Prawns with fried rice at Re Asian Cuisine. If you're a seafood lover, then this dish is worth the visit alone.

(Barbados) I squealed on first bite...the Bajanzuelan Arepas from Eco Lifestyle & Lodge in Barbados are layered with English Cheddar, guasacaca (dressing made from local avocados) tomato & their own pepper sauce. Something else!

And in case you were wondering about last year's top dishes... the Leek Ravioli from Fusions by Tala and the Chicken Shawarma from GB Cafe were my standouts.

Tell me, what were your stand out dishes for 2022?

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