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Sup Like A Sultan This Ramadan!


Ramadan is only a few days out and I was lucky enough to to get a sneak preview of Gunaydin's “Sultan Iftar Menu”

This spread is generous, delicious, and definitely one to try out next month.

We were gently eased into the meal with the Iftar Plate; packed with dates, Turkish hummus, kayak and honey, pastrami cheeses and more.
Then came out a soup and salad, followed by warm mezzes including an outstandingly juicy and Moorish kibbeh and stuffed eggplant, unlike many that are served in restaurants here.

By now of course, we were feeling pretty full - so my advice, pace yourself, take your time, enjoy the view, chat, laugh, drink copious amounts of Turkish tea…

Then when you’re ready the main course is brought out. A platter (there are four to choose from) of grills, including options all with lamb, chicken, and beef.

I’ve adored their Adana Kebab for a while, but on this visit the Alinazik Kebab stole my heart (and stomach). This incredibly succulent minced lamb kebab is served on a yoghurt and eggplant dip with rich flavours, flecked with garlic…it’s a showstopper.

To end your meal, a range of Gunaydin’s delicious desserts are brought out. My suggestion, sit on their terrace, enjoy the cool evenings, have a sheesha… Just like the Sultan would have suggested to you as well!

Price: BD 17 , not including VAT

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