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Homemade Vin D'Orange


Vin D'Orange

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  • 5-6 Oranges (preferably Seville)
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Vanilla bean split
  • 2 Bottle White wine (Sauvignon ideally)
  • 1 Litre Vodka
  • 1.5 cup Sugar


 Slice up the oranges and lemons, add them to a glass jar. Top with the wine and vodka, no need for expensive stuff! Then add in the sliced vanilla bean and sugar. Give it a stir, cover with a lid and leave in a cool dark place. 
Leave it for 4-6 weeks, checking on it and giving it a stir once in a while. 
When it is ready, funnel the liquid into glass bottles and refrigerate. Now it is ready to drink. 
You can have your Vin D'Orange on its own with ice, top a glass of champagne with it or enjoy it in a Gin & Tonic. Cheers. 

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