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Persian Gin & Tonic


Dill & Cucumber Infused Gin

Using some of the most popular ingredients in Iranian cuisine, this refreshing gin and tonic will delight anyone who tries it!
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  • 1 bunch Fresh dill
  • 2 Persian cucumbers cubed roughly
  • 1 bottle Gin
  • 1 Persian lime juice


  • In a large glass container add a big handful of dill sprigs and the chunkily cubed cucumber
  • Top it with a bottle of gin (I use Bombay Sapphire, but use whichever you have on hand)
  • Leave the container in the fridge for 12-24 hours
  • Remove from the fridge, pour the gin in a glass, top with tonic, an ice cube and a squeeze of lime. Stir and sip!


Using some of the most loved and used ingredients in Iranian cooking, this Gin & Tonic is fragrant and refreshing. I am pretty sure the ancestors would be proud of me for this concoction!
Beh Salamati! (Cheers in Persian)

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