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A Recipe For Sun Tea


I’ve been mulling over trying out a sun tea for a while, it‘a an American summer classic made in the south, where you let the tea brew out in the sun! Well we have plenty of sun rays here in Bahrain, so if they can make it so can we! ⁣

After some reading up it seems 3-5 hours in the sun is good enough, I opted for 3 due to our intense heat and left two tea bags per container. I used a good brand of water (Maya Water, in this case) and just let my tea sit and do its stuff, while I checked on it every hour or so. ⁣

After the three hour stint I poured it into a glass, added some cubes and plenty of lemon (you can add sugar, mint etc if you like) and I’m delighted to say this is a deliciously smooth ice tea, without any of the bitterness you might get from traditional brewing. ⁣

I think I’m going to call it Bahrain Sun Tea from now on!

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