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VA: Is this Norfolk's Top Reuben?


It’s been a while since I had a Reuben and Hank's Filling Station did not disappoint. 

After numerous beers (I still can’t figure out American beers…there are just so many of them!) we went for the 'Half & Half' Reuben, with pastrami and corned beef. Jesus take the wheel. This sammie was so good. It had me weak at the knees. 

Weirdly they didn’t have fries on the menu, but ‘tater tots’, which makes me think of children’s food for some reason. Oh, and  I also got to try seafood Mac and cheese. Big points for the latter. Still confused about the no fries thing. 

As far as the rest of my lubrication, the Old Fashioned was ingenious. All ingredients are encased in the ice cube, including the orange peel, with a shot or two of whiskey poured over. Let patience seep in, as you wait for your tipple to melt some (or not, depending on how inebriated one wants to get). 

Anyhoos, a good slap up meal and thank you Hank, for reminding me how good a Reuben can be. 

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