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A Teeny Tiny Bento Restaurant


I’ve finally found a teeny tiny eatery in Bahrain! You know, the kind where barely 5-6 people can squeeze in for a meal.

They seem to be two a penny in big cities but rarer to find here.

Part of the charm of dining at Wa Bento is that you get to amble through a park, then wander your way up to this bijou little Japanese restaurant.

Nestled next to Chawan Tea House, which I visited a few weeks back (click here for deets on that experience), this place reminds me of something straight out of Tokyo.  Wooden interior, a bar area to eat at, concise focused menu.

You’re greeted with a towel for freshening up, then proceed to order. We chose the bento box of the day, in this case perfectly tempura-d shrimp, and a katsu curry.

The bento box also comes with a seaweed salad, tofu & broth soup, a couple of rolls, marinated aubergine, and rice.  Very generous and a great option for lunch. Next up the katsu curry, which is like Japanese comfort food to me was also a hugely generous portion, which we had to doggy bag home.

For dessert we chose a couple of the fantastic teas they have on offer, a sencha and a green tea, plus their indulgently good cheesecake.

Would I have loved a beer or sake with this? Yes. Would I come back? Yes. Is it perfect for quiet meals a deux, dining alone or even hiring out for a group of friends, yes.

Maybe even go for the Japanese tea ceremony next door, then head here for a bite after. Sounds like it could be a perfect afternoon plan.

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