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Q. Favourite Friday brunches?

A. Great question! Let's see:

  • CUT Brunch; steep in price but you get a 5* food experience with excellent views of the city
  • Bushido: I haven't been back since the pandemic but any brunch where you can gorge on sushi is good in my books
  • Bahrain Bay Kitchen; Another Four Seasons brunch spot, buffet style and finally returned after covid
  • Sofitel; Why not make a weekend of it and spend the night down there, enjoying the lovely strip of beach the following day
  • Circa; I tried it when it was outdoors last year and it was fun. I expect the indoor version is just as good too!
  • Solymar; When the weather is cooler of course!
  • Cantina Kahlo; a fun Mexican fiesta at the Ritz-Carlton with a Mariachi band too.
  • David's Stir Fry Crazy; a new and highly recommended dim sum brunch (no alcohol included in the package)

A few I haven't tried yet but think could be fun are Olivetto, Masso, Cico's, Escobar, Bo Sabi, Vida Hotel and Opa.

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