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48 Hours in Bahrain: The Ultimate Itinerary


I regularly get asked what a visitor should see in Bahrain, so here is a handy little 48-hour guide which will show you the best of the island and give you as many fun (and tasty!) experiences as possible.

Day 1

Breakfast at Naseef (Muharraq branch)

Head here to enjoy traditional and hearty dishes with gorgeous sea views. You’ll be happy to fill up as you have a full day of tourist-ing ahead of you!

Read my post here for what to order.

Bahrain Fort (Qal'at Al-Bahrain)

From breakfast head to Bahrain Fort and head straight to the forted area so you can have a nice amble. After you have thoroughly explored the area, taken all your snaps and enjoyed the views, walk into the on-site museum for a wander around and then a nice sit down at the museum cafe, GB Cafe, where you can cool down with a locally made kombucha and if you’re peckish enjoy a light bite from their impressive menu.

Tip: GB Café’s Chicken Shawarma is the stuff of dreams. I can't recommend it enough.

Manama Souk

It’s time for a bit of shopping! Go to Gold City or the older, Gold Souk, for your bling. Look out for gorgeous Bahraini pearls, they are a beautiful souvenir to take back home.  While you are in the souk check out the furniture, homeware and other bits & bobs around the Bab Al Bahrain.

Do you want to know my go-to shop for pearls in Gold City? Drop me an email!

Tip:  Some of the shops do close at lunch, so make sure you time your visit around this.


By now you might need a drink, so head to the rooftop of the Merchant House. A converted merchant house turned boutique hotel; this bijoux spot is only steps away from the souk. Ogle the amazing art hung around the lobby, plenty of it by local artists, before you head to the rooftop for drinks.


Now that you are rested and ‘hydrated’ it is time for dinner! Go to Haji’s Café for your an easy-on-the-wallet, Bahraini dinner. It's only minutes away from the hotel, so stroll on down to their tables. Grab a seat and proceed to order all of these (you won’t regret it): Beef Tikka, Riyash (lamb chops), Mixed Grills and some Khobz (bread). Your meal will cost around 4 BD pp, so it will make up for whatever you dropped on pearls and gold!

Day 2

We have two options for your second day in Bahrain, either at sea or on land!

Check out both possibilities here:

Sea: If the weather is good then a day at sea, looking for pearls is a must! Bahrain has a unique history of pearling and to be able to snorkel or dive to collect oysters, then keep your find (hopefully lots of pears!) is a day out you won’t forget.

Contact to go on a pearl hunting trip

Land: Bahrain’s old capital back in the day, Muharraq, is a gem to walk around. Old buildings, bustling alleys, and lanes, all full of character and history.

There are a few ways to explore:

  1. Wear your trainers, grab some SPF and a map and just go wandering! Either use Google Maps or download the handy walking map with Streetsmart Bahrain.
  2. Sophie’s Secret Bahrain organizes a range of walking tours of Muharraq, I hear good things but have yet to do one.
  3. Tripadvisor has some guided walking tours of Muharraq, check them out here.
My happy hour favourite!

Drinks: After a day either at sea or lapping up some culture in Muharraq, you will be ready for a night on the town.  First stop happy hour at CUT Bahrain Lounge (on ground floor) in the Four Seasons Hotel. Grab an outdoor table, order a few drinks, and look at the panoramic views.

Tip: Their happy hour is 5pm-7pm on weekdays and 4pm-7pm on weekends.

Dinner: Once you’re done at happy hour, grab a Careem or Uber and head into Adliya’s block 338. This bustling restaurant district is fun to walk around, and if anywhere takes your fancy pop in for a drink. My suggestion for your dinner; head to Gunaydin or Ô Liban for a feast, drinks and sheesha (the perfect combination!).

Read about my Gunaydin experience here and Ô Liban here.

Did you find this 48 hour itinerary for Bahrain helpful? I would love to know!

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